Our Story

Water Harvesting Inc was formed in the summer of 2018 to commercialize atmospheric water harvesting systems based on MOFs (metal organic frameworks). MOFs were pioneered by Professor Omar Yaghi at the University of California, Berkeley, and have been demonstrated to work for atmospheric water harvesting application, even under very arid conditions. Water Harvesting Inc has negotiated an exclusive licensing agreement with UC Berkeley to develop and commercialize water harvesting systems. It has also recently filed three provisional U.S. patent applications related to details of the system design. Water Harvesting Inc combines industry leaders, each with decades of experience, MOF experts, and a commitment to addressing the global challenge of water scarcity.

Our Technology

MOFs, or metal-organic frameworks, are an innovative class of materials constructed from metal-containing units, joined by simple organic molecules, that result in an open crystalline framework. MOFs are exceptionally porous: one gram of a typical MOF has a surface area which can cover an entire football field. Recently, MOFs have shown potential in storing hydrogen and natural gas, capturing carbon dioxide from flue gas, and for heterogeneous catalysis applications [1]. Water Harvesting Inc seeks to use MOFs as a material for water harvesting even in the most arid regions of the world. In 2017, the first ever MOF-based Water Harvester was built and tested by UC Berkeley, to capture water from the atmosphere [2]. In 2018, the same team deployed MOF harvesters powered by natural sunlight in the Southwest desert of Arizona and California, to produce water of drinking quality [3-5]. Professor Omar Yaghi's new, patented MOF-303, is based on aluminum cations linked by 3,5-pyrazoledicarboxylic acid units. It is synthesized in water, does not require any catalyst, and can be scaled-up to industrial quantities. One unique feature of this MOF is that it works like a sponge to atmospheric moisture. It captures water even under extremely low humidity and high temperature conditions, and unlike other porous materials such as zeolites, water does not require much heat to desorb from MOF materials, making them the materials of choice for energy-friendly water harvesting in dry places.

Water Harvesting Inc now owns the exclusive rights to commercialize the use of UC Berkeley's MOF materials for atmospheric water capture. For this purpose, we have developed a technology that exploits the unique ability of MOF materials to adsorb and release water seamlessly, with little energy penalty, unlike conventional, condensation-based water harvesters. We have filed a provisional U.S. Patent Application (#62/795,332) describing the system design, and plan on offering commercial units for purchase in the near future.

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